Senin, Februari 22, 2016

BMW Hybrid Cars in Details

Motor vehicles with high-voltage systems are equipped with components that operate with voltages in excess of 60 volt direct current voltage or 25 volt AC voltage. The components in these vehicles require, in part, high electrical power. The high-voltage electrical system in hybrid cars operates with direct current voltages of up to 650 volt and must make available high electrical energy.

Following are components that installed in the hybrid car :

  • Gearbox with electric motors/generators with full hybrid
  • Power and control electronics
  • High-voltage energy storage device
  • Internal combustion engine
  • High-voltage cables
All movements in the human body are triggered by electrical control mechanisms. All muscle reactions-such as the heartbeat for example - are controlled by electrical stimuli. These electrical stimuli propagate in the body via nerve tracts - similar to current in electrical circuits.
Current can flow through the body on contact with components under high voltage (live). Reversible disturbance of the heartbeat can occur at direct currents as low as approx. 30 mA depending on how long the current flows. Serious internal burn injuries can additionally occur at even higher currents flowing through the body, possibly resulting in ventricular fibrillation. There is also a risk of arcing if the two poles of high-voltage system are short-circuited. This can cause serious external burn injuries and flash the eyes.

Minggu, Februari 21, 2016

BMW Efficient Dynamic

With BMW EfficientDynamic, BMW has assumed a worldwide leading role in implementing measures for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. More than one million BMW new car owners have profited from BMW EfficientDynamics since Spring 2007. Nevertheless, BMW EfficientDynamics is more than just High Precision Injection, Automatic Start/Stop function or Brake Energy Regeneration. In the long term, BMW EfficientDynamics strives towards emission-free driving with hydrogen while, in the medium term, it encompasses BMW ActiveHybrid, the drive that combines the internal combustion engine with electric motors.The first production BMW ActiveHybrid models was BMW X6 and BMW 7 Series.

The ActiveHybrid X6 is so-called full hybrid car while the ActiveHybrid 7 is a mild hybrid. Both models offer outstanding efficiency  and maximum dynamics in the competitive field. High-voltage system are used in both ActiveHybrid models.

The technical design of the system ensures that the high voltages do not pose a direct risk for these persons. Such systems are referred to as intrinsically safe.